Fossil fuels and political suicide; latest global internet stats; David Cameron and post-2015; results; AWID meets in Turkey; Welcome move from Wellcome; One Day on Earth: Links I liked

April 16, 2012 2 By admin

Why sensible economics is suicidal politics: Mathew Lockwood looks at the political minefield that is reducing fossil fuel subsidies

A third of the world’s people are now using the internet who uses the internet

David Cameron is going to chair a new UN committee charged with drawing up the post-2015 set of global development goals. Sigh, this one really isn’t going away, is it?

The results agenda (because that isn’t going away, either). Owen Barder neatly summarizes the main concerns (and how to manage them) as well as the benefits of focusing more on results

“Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice”, the 12th AWID International Forum, with 2000 women’s rights leaders and activists from around the world, takes place from April 19 to 22 in Turkey. An important event, but as far as I can tell from the website, there will be nothing streamed online for those without time or money to go to Istanbul – impressively old school. (If I’m wrong, please send the URL for livestreaming etc.) More background here.

‘Some very clever people have put up with a very silly system for far too long.’ Has the Wellcome Foundation terminally breached the ridiculous firewall that allows academic publishers to restrict the flow of knowledge by paying authors nothing while gouging massive profits from readers? Hope so, although some of the coverage suggested that a new business model might be to charge authors in a form of academic vanity publishing…….

One Day on Earth, a new feature-length documentary film — the first to include footage filmed in every country on earth captured all on the same day, debuts this Sunday – aka Earth Day, April 22 – at screenings in more than 160 countries.  The trailer’s understandably manic, but quite moving.

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