FP2P greatest hits: top posts & comments by theme (ag, inequality, results, education etc) now available

April 18, 2013 0 By admin

Oh boy, I have a greatest hits album. This blog was launched back in 2008 to help promote the first edition of From Poverty to Power, but rapidly

Easily confused.....

Easily confused.....

acquired an identity and readership of its own. I reckon there’s about half a million words or so up there now, and some of them have to be worth reading (monkeys, typewriters etc). So my long-suffering colleagues Sarah Minty read the lot, and grouped together relevant posts under categories such as Agriculture, Climate Change, Inequality, or Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning. The links take you through both to posts and (just as important) comments.

Pdf with links to posts in all categories here.

Some categories are not currently included, but probably should be:

  • Posts that stoked most controversy within Oxfam (example)
  • Videos that my nephews and nieces enjoyed (example)
  • Funnies (example)

The pubs team made a special effort to get this out for next week’s Politics of Evidence conference, as January’s big debate between Ros Eyben, Chris Roche, Chris Whitty and Stefan Dercon (plus dozens of highly qualified commenters) on this topic has proved particularly popular with students, academics and practitioners.

Any suggestions for further refining the categories are of course, welcome.