It’s a Better Life Without Oxfam: the video

Lovely student project coming from the Miami Ad School in Madrid that just won the Golden Pencil at the D&AD Awards a couple of weeks ago. Their pitch? Working in a charity is not fun. And the people who work for Oxfam would rather enjoy their hobbies or pursue their dreams (Hobbies? Dreams? Have these guys ever talked to Oxfam staff?). But they have a mission to accomplish. And as long as there are reasons for Oxfam to exist, they will not give up their jobs. Christian El Asmar, Manu Manceda and Virginia Feito are the students who created the campaign. Bit more information here.

Life would be better without Oxfam. Let’s try to make this happen.

Love it. But would it actually make a good ad for Oxfam (which after all is what the students are supposed to be studying)? The Facebook stuff is a mockup, btw, so don’t start signing up. [h/t Chris Roche]

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8 Responses to “It’s a Better Life Without Oxfam: the video”
  1. Hello,
    Im one of the guys who did this campaign, just wanted to thank you for the post. Wether or not this campaign can be done by oxfam is in fact pretty debatable, but as advertising students we’re usually asked to push the boundaries as far as we can, and I guess we kinda did with this campaign.
    We’re very happy that you liked it, being an oxfam worker yourself. So Thanks Again!


  2. The ad presupposes that the ‘target population’ is well versed in irony. Many are, many are not. If you can target it right, it’s a great ad but I don’t know if the web platform makes that easier or more difficult to be honest.

  3. It also presupposes that the people doign the hard work for Oxfam are the expat aid workers — when I’m sure the day to day hard slog is borne as much, of not more, by local hires all over the world.
    Duncan. Not sure that’s true – local staff have dreams and hobbies too!

  4. Cynan

    The first half of the vid is a nice kind of counter-intuitive challenge.

    But an advertisement getting people to think about the poor old Oxfam staff? Getting people to sympathise and connect with aid workers instead of focusing on giving voice and helping people understand the lives of the people we really work for?

    If Oxfam or any other big INGO actually did this, for every person that chuckled at the brave irony, there’d be three who would surely rightly mock us for touting ourselves as “whites in shining armour” and tell us to get over ourselves.

  5. Absolutely, if you keep the headline but change teh body copy to talk about how, if aid and development agencies were serious about eradicating poverty, they had better hurry up and develop exit strategies for themselves.

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