Land Grabs: the Coldplay version

Monday’s post had Rob Nash arguing that the World Bank has got itself into a tangle on land grabs. Now Coldplay have decided to add their rather more harmonious voice, with the help of crowd-sourced footage from 7000 supporters in 55 countries.

The Bank has promptly responded to Coldplay (not to Rob, sorry Rob) with a tweet ‘@WorldBank: .@coldplay protecting the rights of farmers worldwide is key to ending poverty. Learn more abt work on this front:‘. So at least now, we have their attention.

I’d be interested in your views on this kind of popular/cultural campaigning.

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3 Responses to “Land Grabs: the Coldplay version”
  1. Basheerah

    If this is what it takes raise awareness about injustice, then so be it and if it prompts a few people to act then that’s even better. That’s a few more than before. However, I don’t believe that just hitting a button on an online petition or tweeting about something makes you an activist – it is one way of raising your voice but ending injustice requires more effort than that. So perhaps this kind of pop/cultural campaigning is useful for making the average person aware of specific issues that they would not have been exposed to otherwise and will hopefully spur some people to learn more about the issue and at best, to do something to work towards ameliorating the situation. For a generation being brought up on pop stars promoting hedonistic, shallow lifestyles – messages like this are a welcome reprieve.

  2. Mandie

    How about imagine living in a place where there is not only no back-up, no support system in case things go wrong, but where the powers that be actively target you and destroy everything you know. That would be a more pertinent ‘imagine’ for most of us I should think. Not that it makes a fancy sound-bite for this type of video of course.
    Sorry, but I found it to trivialise the issue and don’t think it painted an accurate picture of the reality of land grabs at all.

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