Links I Liked

Waiting for stuff is such a pain isn’t it? From the Boston Globefrustrating-wait-times

Irresistible listicle, especially the nuclear powered vacuum cleaners: 10 predictions for the future that got it wildly wrong

Smoking kills more people in low- and middle-income countries than TB, malaria and AIDS combined. Taxing tobacco is the obvious and best solution, so why doesn’t it happen?

COP22 will be the nerdy friend to its glamorous Parisian predecessor’. Useful curtain raiser for this week’s big climate change talks in Marrakech

afrobarometer-infographic-china-in-africa-2016_0China is often more popular with African publics than the US or former colonial powers. New Afrobarometer survey

Some inequality number crunching. The upward march of the top 1% (but at very different speeds in different countries). And the world’s most equal country (by income Gini) is the Ukraine, followed by Slovenia. Who knew?

Simple, disturbing, and a total downer if you happen to be male. This short film turns the tables on gender roles with devastating effect [h/t Maria Popova]

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One Response to “Links I Liked”
  1. China’s popularity shouldn’t be a surprise – the way it has industrialised, reduced poverty and extreme poverty (often quoted as 70% of the total reduction worldwide in the last few decades) are hugely impressive, especially for countries that are also attempting to reach similar goals. From many points of view the way that political and economic power have been kept separate and an authoritarian centralised administration maintained that is capable of running a country a huge as China is also a significant positive (not so favourably viewed in western liberal perspectives).

    China has had a more straightforward relationship in many ways with a number of African countries than do the former colonial powers – a commercial, trading and economic approach instead of the complex aid/trade/influence approach. And as China increasingly demonstrates it can also make high quality products as well as cheap ones the perception is set to improve or at least hold steady.


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