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The World Economic Forum tweeted a rather silly list of ’14 things successful people do before breakfast-thingsbreakfast’. Paul Kirby reckoned ‘The secret of success must be to have breakfast in the evening’. As for trying this at home, when I try and ‘spend quality time with my family’/’connect with my spouse’ before breakfast, they turn pretty nasty…….

Lots of great commentaries on the zeitgeist – people have obviously been thinking hard over Christmas:

Hope in the dark? Brian Levy sets out a path for how activism should respond to the not-so-brave new world

Fascinating, sensible and really insightful 45 minute BBC Radio 4 exploration by Jo Fidgen on the nature of ‘post truth’. [h/t Kate Raworth]

Brilliant timing: Alex Evans’ ‘The Myth Gap: What Happens When Evidence and Arguments Aren’t Enough‘ out this week (here’s my review of the earlier online version)

Universal basic income is not a magic solution, but it could help millions’. And it has become more salient in light of the gig economy, automation etc

Portrait of a pandemic? How the world became obese over 40 years

I really hope DFID’s decision to cut its funding to Ethiopia’s Yegna (an NGO that uses music and radio to spread awareness about girls’ rights) was not to placate aid critics who caricatured them as ‘Ethiopia’s Spice Girls’ – it only encourages them. OK, I don’t speak Amharic, but this video suggest they are pretty great. [Update, Owen Barder says that’s exactly why they got their funding cut – depressing]

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5 Responses to “Links I Liked”
  1. John Magrath

    In the mornings I do, er….1 and 14. But I get it now; unsuccessful people like me have to do all those other things in the evening and that’s why we don’t get invitations to Davos.

  2. Robin Stafford

    Sad but not unexpected to see Patel pandering to the Daily Mail by cutting the funding to a highly innovative and comprehensive programme to try to tackle FGM, broader violence against girls and women and discrimination more generally. She dishonestly/ignorantly repeated the claim that it was £5m for a girls pop group when the girl band was a very small part of the total. and just one channel of communication in a wider programme of engagement and communication. It should not be too hard to understand that one of the strongest influences on girls and young women might be girls in a band like this, being used as a vehicle to communicate messages. The programme had positive internal reviews in DfID but I guess thats just the experts talking. Like other programmes of its kind (and variations are running in a number of other countries) impact measurement is pretty challenging
    I guess the girls and young women don’t buy goods or arms so don’t fit with Patels aid for trade mantra…

  3. Ken Smith

    Think in the aid industry we have to learn from the Yegna story. An MP was quoted as saying something like “My Constituents don’t expect aid money to be spent on projects like this” and I think that’s true they don’t. We have to bear some responsibility that in all our TV appeals and mailings we haven’t explained what development now is all about

    • Ian Falkingham

      Interestingly I think that may have been MY MP. Nigel Evans MP for the Ribble Valley and on the aid select committee. He should understand the nuances of aid of course, but frequntly chooses not to.

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