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March 7, 2017 1 By Duncan Green

A little humour ahead of International Women’s Day. It’s the manbun that does it.manbun

A lot of chat about the idea of a Universal Basic Income: the New York Times gave a glowing review of a UBI experiment in Kenya (h/t Josh Williams). Chris Blattman and Berk Ozler provided the bah humbug/’much more complicated than that’ response.

An initiative to fill the funding gap left by Pres Trump’s reintroduction of the global gag rule reached $190m. Kudos to the Dutch Government for convening and all the other donors (not including the UK, sadly) who chipped in.

An even-handed summary of what sounds like a really good (and heated) debate on private v public education in Africa

Chinese wages are now higher than in Mexico, Thailand, and Brazil, Roser wagesaccording to this gated piece in the FT (h/t Max Roser)

Why economists love Machiavelli, and why he may be the best kind of leader the world can hope for, by Branko Milanovic

‘Hey guys, I’m just heading downstairs for my paleo pear and banana bread’…. Worst recruitment ad ever? Which PR muppet decided to force real life Aussie civil servants to take part in this squirm TV horror?