Links I Liked

March 20, 2017 0 By Duncan Green

Either a genius subeditor placed this ad, or serendipity is a wonderful thing [h/t Mark Perkins]duck

Branko Milanovic at his brilliant best on why 20th Century tools cannot be used to address 21st Century income inequality, and what to do instead

Edible drones are a thing, apparently, or soon will be. 50kg of food and soon you’ll be able to eat the vehicle. Here’s the inedible version

Cash v Chickens. Chris Blattman v Bill Gates. What’s not to like?

Ten top tips for social scientists seeking to influence policy. Some good advice here

Useful discussion of likely next steps on proposed US aid cuts

Oh dear. The first meeting of the first “Girls Council” in Saudi Arabia [h/t Saudi girls councilRana Harbi]

Chinese inequality is now falling.

As women in India get better educated and (a bit) wealthier, they stop going out to work.

What if it had been a woman being interviewed in South Korea? Wonderful satire on women, multi-tasking and a man with only one sock (wait for the end)

‘Reform for y’all’. Chinese state rap videos. Really. Not sure I can ever forgive Ranil Dissayanake for this link