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May 15, 2017 0 By Duncan Green

First up, a spot of self promotion: if you are anywhere near Cape Town, check out my two week July ‘summer school’ on How Change Happens. Details and rectal themometerlinks here.

Don’t like Mondays? Then read this and give thanks (h/t You Had One Job).

Lant Pritchett brilliant on new insights into how China tackled poverty and the implications for Doing Development Differently

Chris Blattman has put slides & reading online for his Order & Violence course. Fantastic resource.

Does foreign aid work? Handy summary of the evidence on a hoary but important topic from Steve Radelet (if anyone is still listening)

Meanwhile, US politics retains its mesmerizing grip:

The Economist interviews the President on economic policy and publishes the transcript. Among other things, he appears to think he invented the term ‘pump-priming’.

‘If young people get together, they can change the world’. Mark Green is President Trump’s very promising nominee for USAID administrator. Here he is in his previous role as Ambassador to Tanzania

Want to speed up your data entry? Hire this guy from the gas station convenience store where he’s been taking inventory for 30 years. [h/t Chris Blattman

NGO = Nothing Going On. This new aid satire looks promising. Here’s the trailer