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June 26, 2017 0 By Duncan Green

Best T shirts everOriginal and Remix

When people talk about ‘systems change‘ they mean 3 different things. Useful unpacking from Dan Vexler

She teaches karate to boys and can extract the DNA from bananas. How to be a 5-Year-Old Feminist, aka Eva rocks (but why won’t Channel 4 let us embed it from youtube?)

Being in power causes a particular kind of brain damage. Makes sense.

Girls of 11 forced to marry when pregnant ‘to hide rapes by church elders’. Horrific stories of early marriage in ….. the US, h/t Katrin Bennhold. But at least New York just raised the age of consent to 18.

Check out, a new blog ‘to put evidence from decades of academic research into the hands of decision-makers.’ Good Luck With That.

Family guy terrorism v mentally illZakat requires Muslims to donate 2.5% of their wealth every year (up to $1 trillion in 2015): could this end poverty/ finance the SDGs?

Thanks D Har for forwarding this handy Family Guy colour chart for hard-pressed journalists and headline writers everywhere (but don’t think that’s how you spell ‘mentally’, even in the US).

Torture, truth, forgiveness & hope. Speaking up is fighting back. Inspiring testimony from my Oxfam colleague Lan Mercado