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September 1, 2014 2 By Duncan Green

Last week’s round up for the un-twittered from @fp2p

Best apology ever

One for your collection of ‘best apologies ever’ [h/t Rachel Ann Morris]

China hits middle income trap: rising wages, falling productivity [h/t Gawain Kripke]

The World Bank’s latest stats on financial exclusion. Globally, 2.5 billion people have no bank account (37% of women in developing countries, compared to 46% of men); that falls to 20% among adults living on less than $2 a day.

Saying ‘7/10 fastest growing economies are in Africa’ has no real meaning. Comprehensive stats takedown by Morten Jerven (and I’m really sorry I still haven’t reviewed your book, Morten)

Gender gap mapWhat Countries Have the Worst Gender Gaps? (click to expand)

Joe Stiglitz is unimpressed by the ‘no’ camp’s economic arguments (aka ‘scare tactics’) in the Scottish independence referendum

Is ISIS here to stay? Probably. Another brilliant analysis by The Guardian’s Jason Burke

Wonkwar (a very polite version). The Center for Global Development responds to DFID on Payment by Results (CGD pro, DFID more sceptic)

Ever wanted to see a unicycling Darth Vader with flaming bagpipes? You’re in luck.  Remembering this made me start laughing while swimming – very alarming. [h/t Tim Harford]

And in case you’re interested (or have just come back from holiday), August’s 2 most popular posts on this blog were:

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