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July 10, 2017 0 By Duncan Green

Oxfam vietnam poster 1965I’m in South Africa next week (19th-25th).  Cape Town, then a couple of days in Joburg. Oxfam hand that rocks the cradleOnly public event so far is on Friday 21st in Cape Town. Get in touch if you want to organize anything or simply meet up

Oxfam stuff:

700 posters from the archive. Gold for students of charity history/changing use of images (both good and bad).

Heads up, bookworms. Oxfam research team now doing ‘book banter’ occasional reviews. First up Angus Deaton, Morten Jerven

‘Practical Action Bangladesh has written and produced a drama for national TV on Faecal Sludge Management‘. Shit reviews guaranteed

The UK’s PPP health financing disaster. Now being exported to a country near you.

Big loss to humanitarian journalism. Humanosphere shuts (maybe temporarily, maybe not) due to cash crunch. Any funders out there able to step up?

K&C inequalityHarrowing, insightful piece by DFID’s Pete Vowles on a day’s immersion with a Kenyan family sunk deep below poverty line

What unites psychopaths, economists and buddhist monks? Their answers to the trolley problem. h/t Chris Blattman

Why short term charitable giving might be making a comeback compared to long term philanthropy

Welcome to Rio on Thames. Extreme income inequality in Kensington & Chelsea, where the Grenfell Tower fire took place. UK’s richest/poorest deciles both present. h/t the Economist