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September 25, 2017 0 By Duncan Green

Nice cup of Nambian covfefe anyone? Ht Calestous JumaNambian Covfefe

Clickbait and impact: how academia has been hacked, Nice piece on THAT ‘in praise of colonialism’ Third World Quarterly paper

Strategic litigation is getting going on climate change: San Franciso becomes the 1st major U.S. city to sue the fossil fuel industry for knowingly causing it.

german refugee integrationHow I lost my past. Beautiful and poignant exploration of the contrast between official and personal histories from inequality guru Branko Milanovic, who grew up in Yugoslavia

Germany has taken in over 1.2 million refugees over past 2 years and is integrating them (jobs, education). And it didn’t stop Angela Merkel being relected either.

The American Dream under threat. Oxfam rented President Trump’s childhood home so that refugees could tell their stories. Genius.

Black Lives Matter activists debate with Trump supporters. And get somewhere. Extraordinary and life affirming – make sure you watch this