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October 31, 2017 0 By Duncan Green

The rich are getting richer; the poor not so much. Japan, South Korea are the exceptions. H/t The EconomistRich get richer

Last week was ‘Open Access Week’ and there’s some good news: The number and proportion of freely available articles is growing; reaching 45% of the literature published in 2015

Influencing for social justice: nudge, shove, show or shout? New Oxfam blog series on advocacy

Brilliant from Lant Pritchett: why aid’s obsession with attribution risks undermining the team sport of development

Emergency sexwork: should NGOs recognize transactional sex as a livelihood strategy? My LSE colleague Thea Hilhorst rattles a few cages on the new ISS blog

The death and life of liberation theology – should be required reading for young activists.

Next week is Living Wage Week so Citizens UK rated English Premier League soccer clubs’ performance. Not impressed  – despite collective £3.6bn turnover, only two clubs pay their staff the living wage.