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November 24, 2017 0 By Duncan Green

Don’t forget to take the FP2P Readers Survey. Only takes 5 minutes, honest, and there’s prizes…..

Being poor often means living with constant shame. Efforts to mitigate poverty must recognize the importance of self-respect – or risk perpetuating the problem they seek to solve. Excellent from Keetie Roelen at IDS

‘An unconditional cash transfer was found to reduce the odds of having any illness by an estimated 27%.’ Evidence v the Daily Mail, round 342

I have a new paper out, published by IDS. I promise you that ‘Theories of Change for Promoting Empowerment and Accountability in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings’ is more interesting than it sounds……

Policymakers do not need impact evaluations as much as they need other kinds of research/analysis. Excellent insights from Latin American Evidence Week

Businesses are increasingly reporting on the SDGs. [h/t Alice Evans]

So farewell then Robert Mugabe, and a good time to remember the memorably weird Nandos Ad