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October 29, 2018 1 By Duncan Green

Nice graph of advanced v emerging + developing economies, share of global GDP. Anyone fancy drawing a squid on this, to give Branko Milanovic’s elephant graph some competition?

Speaking of Branko, here’s his gloriously written review of 15 authors’ attempts to chart a future for social democracy.

The son of South Sudan’s President explaining how he got his money. Extraordinary.

Federal judges in US who participated in a right-leaning economics training subsequently used more economics language and ruled more conservatively (against environmental and labor regulations, and harsher criminal sentences). ht Chris Blattman

3 countries in Africa have achieved gender parity in their cabinets/ministerial positions: Seychelles, Ethiopia and Rwanda (all 3 pretty in pink).

Since 1995, there has been consistent and significant convergence [in national GDP per capita], even between the poorest group of countries and the richest, an effect that exists even discounting China and India. Important work from Dev Patel, Justin Sandefur and Arvind Subramanian [based on national averages, so doesn’t include rising inequality within countries.]

Amazing African documentaries – all showing in Film Africa, London, w/b 4th November

If you liked last week’s ideas for better blogging, why not check out the real writers: links to top tips from Zadie Smith, John Steinbeck, Susan Sontag, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac and more

Alarming how well the hate speech of politicians suits the lyrics of Drill