Links I Liked

November 5, 2018 0 By Duncan Green

George Monbiot with a nice exercise in how changing our vocabulary can help reframe the way we talk and think about impending environmental Armageddon

I just installed Unpaywall. Fab extension to Chrome that finds you the ungated version of any academic paper. Open Access rocks.

I’ve also got a proper podcast channel now, check out the latest interview with Yuen Yuen Ang and tell your podcast-y friends.

Nudge unit/behavioural economics hype curve update: a new survey found that of the 111 identified OECD government policy nudges, a good chunk weren’t behavioural at all, at least half did not work as intended, and only 18 percent were put into practice. ht Chris Blattman

Climate change timeline

Trevor Noah with some great stand-up riffs on the nonsensical Caravan story

Poor Brazil…..

An ex-CIA undercover agent with the memorable name of Amaryllis Fox on what she learned – ‘everyone thinks they’re the good guy’. And an Al Qaeda prisoner quoting Hollywood at US interrogators – ‘you are the Empire, we are Luke and Han’. ht Jo Rowlands