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May 27, 2014 0 By Duncan Green

The World before Social media. So how come my desk is still messier than this? [h/t Bonnie Koenig] world before social media

Kate Raworth worries that even economist good guys like Ha-Joon Chang ignore planetary boundaries

Brilliant powerpoint fodder from the ONE Campaign. 12 Data visualizations that illustrate poverty’s biggest challenges. Sadly, ‘interactive copulation of data’ in chart 5 isn’t nearly as interesting as it sounds.

Essential reading for inequality wonks. Science magazine edition on inequality, science and big data [h/t Chris Blattman]

You’d have to be pretty harsh to disapprove of this. South Sudanese kids do the Pharrell Williams Happy thing, at the instigation of a street children charity

South-South exploitation is no different, it’s just more honest. Vedanta Mine Owner Anil Agarawal gives a speech to a conference full of business people in Bangalore, mocking the Zambian Government for selling him their minerals far too cheaply (click the caption symbol for Hindi-English translation)