Links I liked: Rodrik reflates; Brown goes Green; Ireland backslides on aid; plus Life of Brian

February 5, 2009 0 By admin

Dani Rodrik talks sense as always, this time about how to engineer a quick bailout for poor countries – the IMF engineers a massive fiscal stimulus

Gordon Brown nails his colours to the climate change mast in Davos: ‘we cannot afford to relegate climate change to the international pending tray because of our current economic difficulties.  Instead, we must use the imperative of building a low carbon economy as a route to creating jobs and growth, the path that will see us through the current downturn.’ Great green words, let’s see the action (and please don’t mention that little matter of the third runway at Heathrow…)

Ireland wins a golden raspberry for becoming the first European government to admit it will cut aid because of the recession.

And finally, as we all slag off the iniquities of globalization, does anyone remember ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’