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3 Responses to “Looking at Adaptive Management in Myanmar – a quick video”
  1. Ken

    Interesting, looking forward to the subsequent posts. But one question, on concepts: is conducting “power analysis,” which I understand as making assessments of who the relevant actors are and their interests and resources, different from analyzing politics?

    • Duncan Green

      yep – PA includes but goes beyond formal political power, to include a wider range of organizations that have influence, behind-the-scenes ‘hidden power’ and also invisible power where ppl self-exclude etc. There’s this book I cd refer you to…….

  2. While I wait for the post – something that has struck me working with municipal governance in Myanmar is the way the old systems are still in place, and how people within the (municipal) government feel differently about possibilities for changing them. For instance, formally it is still not allowed to share budget information. Some officials will actively ignore and share info, while their ‘bosses’ will close an eye, and others again fear repercussions (or don’t care about sharing it, or use information restriction to their own advantage – can’t always tell). The fear factor happens more near the regional capitals… It is critical to watch for such diversity – and to share observations for ‘the wider system’ to make sense of. The parties, the MPs, the NGOs, the ward administrators – getting them all roped into these conversations and reflections about where to go. Super fascinating. Not sure I like the term ‘adaptive management’ for this work – as if we/outsiders have something to “manage”. Please enlighten the term?

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