Multilateral monkeys and typewriters; beautiful DFID; tips for South Sudan; dodgy data; (less) boring conferences; bad aid; India's amazing Tiffin Wallahs: links I liked

May 20, 2011 2 By admin

Alex Evans praises a tough, well written report on food security and biofuels, co-authored by a bunch of international agencies. Blimey.

Congrats to DFID for winning the latest beauty parade of international aid agencies, but why are these exercises always run by researchers in the North – when do we get a league table of donors anonymously drawn up by the recipients?

What should South Sudan (the world’s newest country) do? Chris Blattman disagrees with Duflo and Banerjee and they respond. The Wronging Rights blog goes with Chris. Prime disagreement is over whether you have to get the politics and institutions right before you can deliver aid.

What do we really know about poverty and inequality? Claire Melamed casts a geeky eye over the sources of the data used for all those big numbers and confident assertions.

Enough of the death by powerpoint: handy tips on reducing the tedium of conferences (apart from not going to them, that is).

My Oxfam America colleague Eric Munoz gets angry with US Food Aid.

Tiffin Wallahs: an extraordinary system that delivers hundreds of thousands of tasty packed lunches to India’s discriminating workers [h/t the Grandiloquent Bloviator, via Chris Blattman]

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