Need an 'epic win' on climate change or world peace? Look no further

Calling all campaigners – there is an untapped resource out there that can save the world. Millions of young people with amazing ‘superpowers’, combining a sense of ‘blissful productivity’ (they love working hard),  the ability to weave a tight social fabric to achieve their goal, a feeling of ‘urgent optimism’ and a desire for ‘epic meaning’ in search of the all important ‘epic win’. Yep, we’re talking about gamers. Catatonic couch potatoes are all apparently climate and development warriors in waiting, our last best hope…… [h/t John Magrath]

And as if that wasn’t enough, Alex Evans reckons online virtual worlds might be a way to reduce carbon emissions by moving status-driven consumption into cyberspace – my virtual car is bigger than your virtual car, and neither uses real petrol. (Can’t find the link on Global Dashboard, but if someone can send it over, I’ll put it up)

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2 Responses to “Need an 'epic win' on climate change or world peace? Look no further”
  1. Gareth Price-Jones

    Heh – I’ve been an avid gamer for over twenty years, and would dispute the ‘Catatonic Couch Potato’ label. A nice fun presentation. If I could package our program work in the same way as WoW missions we’d get a lot more impact for beneficiaries.

    Duncan: Sorry Gareth, Some of my best friends (and children) are couch potatoes……..

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