New on FP2P: My audio summary of the week’s posts – what do you think?

Lots of plans to spice up FP2P over the next few months – will let you know as they emerge. But one pretty simple one is to get more into audio and podcasts. As a really simple way to dip my toe in the water, I thought I’d start doing a weekly summary of activity on FP2P. Here’s my first go, discussing last week’s posts – please tell me how to make it more useful, what you’d like more/less of etc, or whether you think it’s a complete waste of time!

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15 Responses to “New on FP2P: My audio summary of the week’s posts – what do you think?”
  1. Maveen Pereira

    I think this is a fantastic way to present updates. It is clear, meaningful and brief. Allows me to choose what I want to delve on further. I would like that this continues. Thank you Duncan.

  2. Annabel de Frece

    I really really like this. I’m a working mother in academia and find it near impossible to find the time to read everything I want to. This is one blog I’ve stuck with because it is so informative and I love the cooperative and affable tone. The audio is a fantastic addition, it’s lovely to hear your voice and I can now get my fix while multitasking! Thank you.

  3. David Hudson

    Very much like this Duncan. It works. Echo other comments that it’d be great to see this continue. Plus – and sure that you’re already planning this out – extending this to interviews (please not too long), think pieces, conversations, fieldnotes, poems, etc.

  4. Kate raworth

    Sitting on a park bench watching my son’s footie team warm up for a Sunday morning match. Slightly bizarre to hear your voice in my ear (once a boss always a boss!) But I really enjoyed it, and I wouldn’t have had the time to read it. It made me nostalgic!

  5. This is great. It reminded me of a little video conversation you once did with Steve Price-Thomas on Oxfam´s influencing work (you have remarkably similar voices actually!). That was also great, maybe you could do a few more conversation/interviews like that – perhaps a good way to get more voices from the Global South too.

  6. Alwyn Chilver

    Hi Duncan – good stuff, and thanks for doing it. More audio works well for me (prefer it to having to sit in front of a screen and squint, or get car/bus-sick) – was a big fan of Owen Barder’s Development Drums and would really appreciate you doing something similar maybe – focused discussions/debates on new books, emerging issues, papers etc… lasting anything between 20 mins and an hour….Cheers and thanks again. Alwyn

  7. You are out there on your own when it comes to writing style on development issues. Stellar prose. Your audio is also great especially for the school run. But I’m a traditionalist and urge you always to let the prose prevail because good writing is hard to find especially in our world of aid. About nostalgia – wasn’t it ever thus….in politics, think of John Major’s village greens, and in art, well art is all about nostalgia is it not?

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