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What is behind the Global Crackdown on Civil Society? In Conversation with Dom Perera and Tonu Basu

Last week I went along to the launch of  People Power Under Attack 2019, the latest output of the Civicus Monitor project on the state of civil society organizations around the world. Afterwards, I picked the brains of two of the speakers, Dom Perera of Civicus, and Tonu Basu of Open Government Partnership. Here are […]

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Some reading for Election Day

It’s election day in the UK and I’m not allowed to say very much, or Oxfam could get into trouble. So instead, here are some of the best pieces on democracy and elections that have appeared on this blog over the years. Any comparison with current events in Britain is purely accidental. Honest. Democracy’s Retreat: […]

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How to support research in Fragile States?

What, if anything, should academics, NGOs and funding institutions wanting to support researchers in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS) do differently compared to their work in more stable contexts? Been thinking and talking to people quite a lot about that recently, and based on those conversations and some great #PowerShifts posts, here are some thoughts: […]

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Links I Liked

Please take the reader survey – FP2P is changing fast and we need your feedback and advice! Thanks Suzie Doore for this much-needed reminder that some British people are still managing to retain a sense of humour Keynesian development in action. Give Directly dropped a massive stimulus package of cash transfers on rural Kenya — […]

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Does the World Bank really understand protests? Round up (14m) of FP2P posts, w/b 2 December

And please remember to take our new reader survey – we’re changing lots of stuff at the moment so may even listen to your advice!

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5 keys to successfully supporting small & medium enterprises

Dear Reader, Please take the new FP2P reader survey – we really need your feedback to get new ideas and keep on improving! 2 minutes max (honest). Guest post from Exfamer Nicholas Colloff, who now runs Argidius, a private family foundation that supports intermediaries that help businesses grow and create quality employment in low income […]

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Book Review: Great Policy Successes, Mallory E. Compton and Paul T. Hart (eds)

Stop Press: Please take the new FP2P reader survey – we really need your feedback to get new ideas and keep on improving! 2 minutes max (honest). Loved the idea of this Open Access book from the moment I saw the subtitle: ‘Or, A Tale About Why It’s Amazing That Governments Get So Little Credit […]

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We (really) want to hear from you – so please take the FP2P reader survey

Dear readers/listeners, Please tell us what you think about From Poverty to Power on our new reader survey. We would really appreciate you clicking on it! (Two minutes of your time once every few years is all we’re asking). It’s particularly important because there have been a few changes this year – notably Maria Faciolince running the #PowerShifts project to highlight more […]

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Why the World Bank is missing out on an Accountability Revolution: Reflections on the Global Partnership for Social Accountability Forum 2019

Naomi Hossain of the Accountability Research Center has an out of body experience at the World Bank With raw people power on world-wide display, the Global Partnership for Social Accountability Partners’ Forum 2019 gathered last month at the World Bank in Washington DC for a potentially well-timed discussion of ‘The Challenge of Inclusion’. The GPSA […]

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Randomistas, experts, better conferences and Branko: most-read recent FP2P posts

Given that we spend nothing on advertising on this blog, we reckon the traffic for a given post is a reasonable proxy for quality, so here are the top 5 posts from the last two months, courtesy of you (and Google Analytics). In descending order. The Randomistas just won the Nobel Economics prize. Here’s why […]

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Why the Uprisings? Why Now? Audio summary (14m) of FP2P posts, w/b 25th November

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Mapping local knowledge to regenerate lands in climate-changed times

This photo story explores how indigenous Tharakan people from central Kenya are reviving their customary laws, natural sites, indigenous seeds and the life of their territory in climate-changed times. It tells the process of mapping their local knowledge to forge paths and build alliances in their struggle to protect their cultures and lands. This process […]

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