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Is the world running out of water?

Excellent overview of water scarcity in last week’s Economist. Here are a few highlights ‘The overthrow of Madagascar’s president in mid-March was partly caused by water problems—in South Korea. Worried by the difficulties of increasing food supplies in its water-stressed homeland, Daewoo, a South Korean conglomerate, signed a deal to lease no less than half […]

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What the IMF will be discussing this weekend

The global diplomatic circus that so recently met at the G20 summit in London is reconvening in Washington for the IMF and World Bank spring meetings this weekend. These are usually the lesser of the Bretton Woods Institutions’ (BWIs) two yearly jamborees (the Annual Meetings are held in September) but the momentum provided by both the […]

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Getting women into paid employment has more impact on poverty than formalizing women's work or equalizing wage rates – findings from Latin America

The International Poverty Centre (IPC) in Brazil churns out some interesting analysis and summarizes them in reader-friendly ‘one pagers’. One recent study looks at the role of gender inequality in explaining income growth, poverty and inequality. Here’s a summary of the one pager. The full paper is here.

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Cash for Coffins? What happened when Oxfam gave poor Vietnamese a lump sum

I’ve just been reading the latest evaluation of an Oxfam project I’ve started to call ‘cash for coffins’ in Viet Nam. From mid-2006 Oxfam GB directly disbursed non-emergency cash grants to 550 poor and near poor households in An Loc commune, a poor rice-growing community on the Central coast of Viet Nam. Not only is this […]

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Oxfam campaigns in Britain too – the latest on poverty and the UK recession

For many years, Oxfam has been running a programme in the UK (Oxfam America and Oxfam Australia, among others, also run domestic programmes). The UK work focuses on the rights of vulnerable workers, living standards, women’s poverty, influencing public attitudes to poverty and building strong and diverse communities.

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A sneak prevew of the FT in 2020, why anti-aid African writers get all the headlines, the worst NGO ever and economics goes post-autistic: links I liked

A copy of the Financial Times from 2020? Ah, it’s dated 1 April…… (h/t Global Dashboard) Chris Blattman muses (and gets into a row with Bill Easterly) over why anti-aid African voices seem to get all the press attention and a follow up And Chris’ outstanding candidate for worst NGO ever The real-world economics review (formerly […]

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Barrack Obama has some oratorical competition – from Michelle

A riveting performance from the First Lady at a girls’ school in North London last week. I’ve posted the full 15 minute speech up here, rather than than 2 minute youtube clip. Hard to imagine that Michelle Obama can keep up this level of emotional intensity for the full term – in a year or […]

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What next on Climate Change talks and Low Carbon Recovery?

Even while they ignored climate change at the G20 London Summit, the gulf between rich and poor countries was widening in Bonn, in the last round of talks (ending last week) before a negotiation text is drafted for the big UN conference in Copenhagen in December. For an Oxfam update on the talks see here. […]

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G8 sees rising hunger as a threat to global stability

A significant new addition to the growing chorus of voices expressing concern on hunger and food prices. The food crisis has not gone away since last year, even if the general economic meltdown has driven it from the headlines. World Bank officials have been warning that plantings may be down this year; the FAO has […]

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The Good Governance 8 and a debate on tax havens

One of the G20 Voice bloggers at the London Summit last week was a rather distinguished-looking, silver haired Chilean who turned out to be Daniel Kaufman. He used to work at the World Bank, where he was one of the 46 employees who blew the whistle on Paul Wolfowitz in a letter to Wolfowitz and […]

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The G20: What happens next?

Now the dust has settled, we’ve caught up on lost sleep, and recovered from that slight hint of Stockholm Syndrome created by the collective hysteria of a summit, it’s time to stand back and think about what happens next. As part of that exercise, here are the forward-looking processes that the G20 put in place […]

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Oxfam's full post mortem on the G20 summit

OK, this is the last post on the G20 for a few days. This is Oxfam’s more considered analysis of the communiques and accompanying intelligence gleaned over the course of the last few days. Hope it makes sense. Summary (for full paper click here): G20 leaders met for the second time in London on 2 […]

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