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Development Nutshell: round-up of FP2P posts, w/b 25th May

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Take the FP2P Coronaquiz!

So you think you know about Covid and Development? Prove it! It’s Friday, and in an effort to stop week and weekend all blurring into one amorphous blob, let’s take a break from heavy duty analysis. Here’s a Coronavirus quiz (with a development-y angle, obvs) to test if you’ve been paying attention to the news […]

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What are the weak signals of Covid-driven transformation, and will we hear them?

The Covid pandemic is bound to be a game-changing critical juncture for some issues in some places – maybe in all places, who knows. But what kind of transformations and how soon will we know? The problem with detecting these kinds of ‘weak signals’ is that our heads and organizations are already full of noise […]

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Can we understand COVID-19 fast enough – and well enough – to make a difference?

Guest post by Lavinia Tyrrel, Linda Kelly, Chris Roche and Elisabeth Jackson In Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez plays on the themes of love and passion, comparing them to a plague like cholera. Referring to the two lovers in the story he notes “…if they had learned anything together, it was […]

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Links I Liked (mainly Covid, natch)

ICYMI, put this wonderful post by Robert Chambers up yesterday afternoon. Humour, Postcolonial Irony and Covid-19 in Africa, by David Mwambari and Laura S Martin Serious about shifting norms as a pathway to change? Why Sesame Street Was a Revolutionary Force for Children’s Television ht Ranil Dissayanake What if some African governments are doing a […]

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Reflections on an involuntary immersion, by Robert Chambers

Just read this extraordinary piece by one of my heroes, Robert Chambers, and wanted to share it. Fans and admirers all over the world will be wishing you a speedy recovery, Robert. I have just returned home after a health-related immersion of over 10 weeks as a patient and participant-observer in an NHS hospital and […]

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Covid and Development Nutshell: FP2P audio roundup w/b 18th May

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Why Informal Social Protection could be the missing piece in the Covid Response

As part of their Masters in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies, LSE students do a consultancy for aid agencies and others. Here Chiara Jachia, Natalie Schwarz, Hanna Toda and Anjuman Tanha discuss the Covid implications of their consultancy on Informal Social Protection. Oxfam’s Larissa Pelham (contact larissa.pelham[at]oxfam.org if you want to know more about its […]

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Where is the power in the pandemic?

I’ve got some important news for you today. Throughout the upcoming weeks and months, Power Shifts is partnering with the Oxfam in Depth podcast to share the experiences of people living through the Coronavirus outbreak in our new Power in the Pandemic podcast. We’ll be hearing from people across the world as they tell us how […]

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"Piggy Bank" by free pictures of money is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A Call to Action on Open Budgets during the COVID-19 Response

Guest post by Sally Torbert of the International Budget Partnership, who has a very different take on how to tackle Covid Corruption from yesterday’s post by Mushtaq Khan and Pallavi Roy Vast sums of public money are being mobilized and diverted to fund COVID-19 emergency measures. Governments need to identify, approve, and implement emergency funding […]

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Rethinking anti-corruption for COVID-19

Guest post by Mushtaq Khan and Pallavi Roy of the SOAS Anti-Corruption Evidence Consortium (SOAS-ACE) Why the COVID-19 response is undermined by corruption ‘Flattening the curve’ and lockdowns have sadly become part of our new vocabulary. That this is not just about limiting patient numbers temporarily but primarily about using the opportunity to scale up […]

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Covid (mainly) Links I Liked

And the overall winner of our Corona Cartoon competition is….. the unknown creator of Zoom Last Supper – anyone know who we should be congratulating? It was tight though – Last Supper got 46% and ‘turn it on and turn it off again’ got 42%. Some Podcast news: My #PowerShifts colleague Maria Faciolince is starting […]

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