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Covid and Development Nutshell: Audio summary of the week’s FP2P posts

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How will Africa have changed one year from now?

This was the title for my first experience of Zoom-chairing last week, in a panel hosted by the LSE’s Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa. The star-studded panel comprised Degan Ali, Alex de Waal, Kiran Jobanputra and Vanessa Moungar. They were all great, and you can enjoy the full 80m video here, but to give you a […]

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How adaptive are ‘Adaptive Management’ programmes in a crisis like Covid?

I wrote this with guest bloggers Jane Lonsdale and Rosita Armytage – I’m an adviser to their governance project in Myanmar, which provides the subject matter for this post. The Coronavirus has provided the perfect natural experiment, buffeting aid programmes of every stripe and testing their ability to respond. Here’s some views directly from an […]

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Five ways to have better data after COVID-19

Guest post by Dr. Claire Melamed, CEO of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. Most of the time data is a boring backdrop to the real stuff that people care about: will my child get into university with those grades? Which party is likely to win at the next election? Who will win the […]

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Surviving the COVID 19 pandemic: the view from a Ugandan surgeon and epidemiologist

Guest post by Dr. Olive Kobusingye In managing the pandemic, Uganda seems to have checked many of the right boxes so far. Schools were closed, large gatherings banned, and some form of physical distancing adopted before Uganda registered its first case of COVID 19. The sole international airport was closed on March 23, 2020, a […]

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Coronavirus Links I Liked

This blog’s #PowerShifts project is now on Instagram Debt crisis update: The Economist’s table of 4 risk factors in 66 developing countries. Highest combined risk = Venezuela, Lebanon, Zambia, Bahrain, Angola. The Economic Impact of COVID-19 around the World. Excellent round up of the latest analysis from David Evans (aka the Great Summarizer) and Amina Mendez Acosta […]

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Covid and Development Nutshell: weekly audio round-up of FP2P posts

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Corona Cartoon Competition: time to pick the overall winner

Time to pick the overall winner in our Corona Cartoon Comp. After the first 350 votes in last Friday’s competition and Pablo Suarez’ great post on the role of humour in social change, we have clear winners in the 3 categories (Lockdown/Working From Home; Injustice and Politics; Random Funny). So now, let’s make them slug […]

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Coronavirus and the case for care: Envisioning a just, feminist future

Guest post by Oxfam’s Amber Parkes, Anam Parvez and Dana Stefov There’s no ‘pause’ button for care The Coronavirus is highlighting just how essential care work is to our economy, health and survival. The idea that we are in an economic ‘shutdown’ is a misnomer. Huge amounts of unpaid care work are forcing many (mainly women) […]

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Navigating speculation and contagion conspiracies in Africa

Adejoke Adeboyejo is a freelance writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She writes about healthcare, women and other development issues. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, conspiracy theories have flourished and spread like the virus itself. Some believe the virus is bioengineered, while others say the pandemic is a conspiracy of big pharmaceutical companies or a plot […]

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Covid Links I ‘Liked’

Not much fun on today’s links – if that’s what you’re looking for, head to Friday’s Corona-Cartoon competition, (example, right), where voting is still going strong How to feed your family during Zimbabwe’s lockdown Lockdown must be getting to me. I’m starting to agree with Piers Morgan What’s going on in Africa? According to the […]

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Covid and Development Nutshell: audio round up of the week’s FP2P posts

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