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What kind of research should inform Covid responses?

This post is co-authored with Irene Guijt If we agree that evidence-informed policy and practice are good things, we need to think about what kind of research gets commissioned. Some kinds of research are definitely more useful than others.  We’ve been discussing the urgent needs in Covid research with Heather Marquette (after her great April […]

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Development Nutshell: 15m audio round-up of FP2P posts, w/b 15th June

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How are Civil Society Organizations adapting in the pandemic?

Guest post by Julien Landry and Ann Marie Smith What is possible today that was not possible before the pandemic? In early April, we brought together (on Zoom, of course) over a dozen seasoned activists, advocates and governance practitioners working on the ground in ten countries to share how COVID-19 is affecting them, their work, […]

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Oxfam’s Transformation and the Future of International NGOs: A Conversation with Danny Sriskandarajah

Last week I sat down with Danny Sriskandarajah, who is leading Oxfam GB through its current upheaval. Here are some extracts, but do please listen to the full 25 minutes if you can. From Poverty to Power · Danny Sriskandarajah on Oxfam's Transformation and the future of INGOs So Danny, you’re a year and a […]

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A Bad Day for ‘Global Britain’

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Marcus Rashford’s campaign to get an extension of free school meal vouchers for 1.3m kids during the summer holiday. And I’m glad he got the UK government to reverse its position. But what does it say about that government when, on the same day it performed […]

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Does development have a problem with racism?

Given recent events in the United States that have sparked mass protests around the banner of #BlackLivesMatter not only there, but across the world, we ought to talk about this right here. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to rethink solidarity, and these protests calling for racial justice force us to ask questions also of […]

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Links I Liked

Covid first, then BLM ‘Do you believe that a foreign power or other force is deliberately spreading coronavirus?’ This is so absent from the rationalist bubble of political analysis of the pandemic. And what’s with The Netherlands? 12 ways this global pandemic could transform humanitarianism forever. V good from Heba Aly. “Google searches predict Covid […]

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Development Nutshell: 15m round-up of FP2P posts, w/b 8th June

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Looking for a way out of aid’s pre-pandemic mess? A model based on cake

Arbie Baguios, (a former student, bio below) has been doing some serious thinking about aid. See what you think. Imagine you’re ill and need to be taken to a hospital. Would you rather go to one where the clinical outcomes seem good, but the way they treat patients is horrible? Or one where they treat […]

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Will Patents stop Covid drugs from saving lives?

Guest post by Ken Shadlen of the LSE The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a global race of public- and private-led research to develop vaccines and treatments. Will patents hinder access to the products it generates? My summary? With regard to treatments (the dynamics around vaccines may differ), access problems will mainly affect middle-income countries. While […]

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Working 100% Online is Weakening my grip on reality – how about you?

Following on from yesterday’s post, I wanted to write something more personal than usual, about the below-the-surface effects of moving to a 100% online working life. I think I may be suffering from something I’ve named ‘attenuating reality syndrome’. I know this is an experience mainly relevant to the minority of us who have virtual […]

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The drawbacks of Online Activism + Is Opportunism such a bad thing? A conversation with Advocacy Leaders

Spent an hour last week zooming with a dozen senior advocacy types from a variety of international NGOs, who were on a webinar hosted by the International Civil Society Centre. Really smart, interesting people, and here are two subjects that caught my attention after I had talked a bit about my Covid as critical juncture […]

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