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Top FP2P posts for 2019 and the decade + reader stats

I always start the year with stats and most-read posts from the previous 12 months, but guess we better add a ‘best of the decade’ section this time. Yep, FP2P has been going since the noughties – the first post went up in July 2008. WordPress tells me that 2,757 posts have been published to […]

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World according to Ha-Joon Chang; Can INGOs give up power? Audio summary of FP2P posts, w/b 16th December

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Responses to ‘Are INGOs ready to give up power?’

On Wednesday, we republished this timely thought piece by Deborah Doane, which interrogates the power held by large NGOs and calls for a shift of power. The article clearly hit a nerve. Questions around #ShiftingThePower bring up enormous systemic (and existential) considerations that pose direct challenges not only to the structures we operate in, but […]

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What if families & friends are the main source of Social Protection?

Most discussion about ‘social protection’ focusses on programmes run by aid donors or governments, but that misses out on an awful lot. Some of my LSE students are doing a project for Oxfam on ‘informal forms of social protection’ – what families and communities are doing to build their resilience against shocks (accidents, unemployment, crop […]

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Are INGOs ready to give up power?

Deborah Doane opens up a provocative and necessary discussion around the power held by INGOs, and how we can shift it. Deborah Doane is a Partner at Rights CoLab, and a writer and consultant working with civil society and philanthropy. She is steering a project on reimagining the INGO. This piece was originally published on […]

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Data-driven problem solving in Myanmar: Working politically with technology

Please take the reader survey – FP2P is changing fast and we need your feedback and advice – two minutes, honest! Guest post from Ange Moray, David Ney and Nicola Nixon, of The Asia Foundation A central conundrum in the digital age is that the potential for technological solutions to fast-track social and economic development is […]

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Economics for People: check out this free online lecture series from Ha-Joon Chang

Please take the reader survey – FP2P is changing fast and we need your feedback and advice! ‘Ha-Joon Chang Thought’ is rapidly becoming A Thing. The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) has just released ‘Economics for People’, a set of 12 lectures by Ha-Joon, who teaches at Cambridge and manages to have rock star status […]

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Democracy’s dark side, but Cash Transfers rock. Audio summary (13m) of FP2P posts w/b 9th December

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What is behind the Global Crackdown on Civil Society? In Conversation with Dom Perera and Tonu Basu

Last week I went along to the launch of  People Power Under Attack 2019, the latest output of the Civicus Monitor project on the state of civil society organizations around the world. Afterwards, I picked the brains of two of the speakers, Dom Perera of Civicus, and Tonu Basu of Open Government Partnership. Here are […]

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Some reading for Election Day

It’s election day in the UK and I’m not allowed to say very much, or Oxfam could get into trouble. So instead, here are some of the best pieces on democracy and elections that have appeared on this blog over the years. Any comparison with current events in Britain is purely accidental. Honest. Democracy’s Retreat: […]

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How to support research in Fragile States?

What, if anything, should academics, NGOs and funding institutions wanting to support researchers in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS) do differently compared to their work in more stable contexts? Been thinking and talking to people quite a lot about that recently, and based on those conversations and some great #PowerShifts posts, here are some thoughts: […]

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Links I Liked

Please take the reader survey – FP2P is changing fast and we need your feedback and advice! Thanks Suzie Doore for this much-needed reminder that some British people are still managing to retain a sense of humour Keynesian development in action. Give Directly dropped a massive stimulus package of cash transfers on rural Kenya — […]

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