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Covid and Development Nutshell: audio summary of the week’s FP2P posts

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More Covid analysis by African authors, and a first instalment from India

The responses to yesterday’s post were so enthusiastic that I’ve put together a second instalment and included a couple of links at the end to Indian authors. Seems like it would be a useful exercise to keep publishing these kinds of syntheses as the crisis evolves, so if you see particularly perceptive or striking analyses […]

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What are African journalists, scholars and activists saying about Covid-19?

Although Covid’s impact in poor countries is starting to look pretty terrifying (as, often, is the political response), the debates that I see are still being framed largely in Northern terms of self-isolation, PPE and all the rest. And often it’s advice from well-meaning northerners about how Delhi, Nairobi or Cape Town should be responding. […]

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The Pope just backed a Universal Basic Income and a lot of other stuff

Pope Francis generated a lot of buzz this Easter in a letter to ‘our brothers and sisters of popular movements and organizations’. As you’re probably tired of hearing by now, I’m an atheist, but fascinated by the role of faith groups and leaders in shaping social and political change, so I took a look. Some […]

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Covid Advocacy in South Africa’s Shanty Towns – What Works?

How to combat Covid in crowded informal settlements where people share bathrooms and toilets? In 100 informal settlements in Cape Town and other cities, IBP South Africa is working it out on the ground. This guest post is from IBP’s Albert van Zyl More than 5 million South Africans live in informal settlements—sprawling, crowded communities […]

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Covid Links I Liked

Well this might work…. The floodgates are opening for Covid research and advice, especially on impact and response in poor countries (has anyone put together a round-up of roundups? I’m drowning) On Impact and Response Arundhati Roy’s absolutely gripping portrayal of India’s crisis Bangladesh sends food aid to sex workers A measured and balanced Reuters […]

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Covid and Development Nutshell: round up of the week’s FP2P posts

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Dignity not Destitution: Oxfam Proposal for an ‘Economic Rescue Plan for All’

Irene Guijt introduces the second part of Oxfam’s proposal for addressing the development impact of Covid-19, published yesterday (the first part, dealing with the health crisis, is summarized here). COVID-19 has unleashed global domino effects. Health impacts understandably dominate the news, but the economic impact is where the big dominoes are falling, due to restrictions […]

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The Worry of Governance: Coronavirus and Emergency Politics

This guest post by Graham Teskey was originally published on the Governance and Development Soap Box blog Pandemics are depressingly common in human history. We all know about the plague, cholera and the Spanish ’flu. What Dani Rodrik called ‘hyper-globalisation’ has stormed across the world since the end of the cold war and has resulted […]

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Religion and COVID-19: Four Lessons from the Ebola experience

Guest post from Katherine Marshall, Olivia Wilkinson and Dave Robinson Ebola and COVID-19, two devastating infectious diseases that spread rapidly through populations, crossing boundaries of all sorts, put local, national, and international health systems to crucial tests. They also try religious communities, locally and globally. We are learning vital lessons from both experiences. First, religion […]

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How is COVID playing out in Fragile and Conflict Affected Settings?

I was on a fascinating Zoom check-in on this late last week, involving researchers of the Action for Empowerment and Accountability research programme (I’m on its advisory board). A4EA is focussing on Pakistan, Mozambique, Myanmar and Nigeria, but the conversation took in a few other places as well. Things that jumped out as new, or […]

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Covid Humour & other Links I Liked

Last supper on Zoom ht @MythAddict Lots of good analysis on how to manage Covid response in low income countries where self isolation is not an option, but I would like to read more from southern authors – please send links. Does One Size Fit All? Realistic Alternatives for COVID-19 Response in Low-Income Countries. How […]

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