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Power and the Pandemic: Observing COVID-19 in Africa through a Public Authorities Lens

This post went up yesterday on the LSE Africa Centre blog, plugging a new paper I co-edited with Tom Kirk Most discussion of Africa’s response to COVID-19 takes place at the national level, focussing on the role of formal state authorities. However, less is known about the role of ‘public authorities’: traditional chiefs, self-help groups, […]

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How Covid and Inequality Feed Off Each Other: Launching the 2020 Commitment to Reduce Inequality Index

Max Lawson and Matthew Martin launch the new index, published by Oxfam and Development Finance International. Are more equal countries better able to cope with crises like Covid-19? When we look at humanitarian crises like famines or droughts, there is a fair amount of evidence that more equal countries are more resilient, that the impacts […]

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What’s the best way to manage information overload on development? My favourite synthesizers and other tips.

How to cope with Information Overload – how much of the daily tide of opinion and research on aid, development, politics etc can you manage to surf, while still doing the day job (which may well involve adding to it)? Some colleagues suffer from FOMO and ICYMI, hopping between social media in a constant scavenging […]

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What are Oxfam’s top tips for effective campaigning? Interview with one of its gurus.

Richard English, Oxfam’s in-house wizard on all things to do with campaigning, on its new Influencing for Impact Guide. Do please listen to the full 25m conversation if you can, but here are some extracts. Duncan: In your 25 years campaigning at Oxfam, what have been the high points? Examples where Oxfam really got it […]

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Links I Liked

RIP RBG ht Kate Raworth Global perceptions of land and property rights. More detail on the 1bn ppl who live in fear of losing their homes, inc breakdown by geography, urban v rural, young v old and gender Latest round of Oxfam’s ‘Make Change Happen’ MOOC for activists starts today (5th October). Register now to […]

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Development Nutshell: 2 x audio round-up of FP2P posts, w/b 21st September (12m) and 28th September (15m)

Apologies if this is too much, but my home internet went down at the crucial moment last week, so now I’m in catch up mode….. First week of 21st September Then week of 28th September

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‘Cutting Edge Issues in Development’ Heads up for an amazing series of online lectures, starting next week

Organizing (along with James Putzel) the LSE’s guest lecture series on ‘Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking and Practice’ has turned out to be one of the few genuine silver linings in the Covid cloud. Because we’ve had to move to fully online, we’ve been able to get some of the world’s most interesting thinkers […]

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Rules of Thumb – good idea or double-edged sword?

Spent a fun couple of hours last week helping the Centre for Good Governance (CGG) in Myanmar identify its ‘rules of thumb’ (RoTs) – the default questions and instincts that govern an organization’s daily decision-making, rather than the long-winded strategy documents that no-one reads. One of the national staff nailed the difference ‘The theory of […]

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Taking Doughnut Economics from idea to action – welcome to the Action Lab

Kate Raworth launches a brilliant, potentially world-shaping, new initiative This week is the online launch of Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL). At the heart of it is a community platform, open to everyone who wants to turn Doughnut Economics from a radical idea into transformative action. We’ll be co-creating tools and sharing stories of how […]

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What do we learn from using Political Economy Analysis in 13 national health and education programmes?

If you’re interested in Thinking and Working Politically, or the use of Political Economy Analysis (PEA) in aid and development, then do please follow the Governance and Development Soapbox, run by the team at Abt. I’ve re-posted quite a few of its blogposts, by Graham Teskey, Lavinia Tyrrel and others, but it also has some […]

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Lest we forget: Why investments in hygiene, sanitation and water are key to fighting COVID-19

Guest post by Muyatwa Sitali, Head of Country Engagement, Sanitation and Water for All COVID-19 has taught us that a world where nearly half of its population do not have what they need to properly wash their hands at critical times is not a safe world. We are delicately and dangerously connected. A disease which […]

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Here’s the Manual and Reading List for my LSE Course on advocacy, campaigning and grassroots activism. Please critique/improve/steal.

Sincerest form of flattery and all that. Inspired by Alice Evans’ bookification of her course reading list, Tom Kirk and I have turned the reading list for our LSE course on advocacy, campaigning and grassroots activism into a course manual, adding more background, a summary of each week’s content and seminar questions, among other things. […]

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