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“Let’s Eat Right”: women tackling malnutrition through urban farming

Maureen Muketha is a 24 year-old nutritionist and founder of Tule Vyema, a community-based organization focused on targeting malnutrition and food insecurity in Kenya.  I grew up in Kiserian in Kajiado County, Kenya, an arid and marginalized environment where malnutrition and poverty were prevalent. I have seen how persistently women and children are the hardest hit by changing environmental conditions and […]

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Greta Thunberg goes Death Metal and other Links I Liked

Note to would-be future politicians – destroy your school correspondence. Here’s young Boris Johnson’s (supposedly – I have no idea if it is a spoof). ‘How to analyse change processes’. My short paper is now Oxfam’s research guidelines series. 5% of the world’s population live less than 4m above sea level – the predicted rise […]

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#PowerShifts Resources: Lessons from the Global South for Surviving the Climate Crisis

Since the start of the #ClimateStrike past Friday September 20th, I have been moved by the avalanche of actions across the world to foreground the climate crisis, its devastating effects (present and future) and the demand for collective solutions. It is a tremendous glimpse of hope that so many voices have come together to call for a world where people’s existence, and their right to a […]

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What are the headlines of 8 years of research into Effective States and Inclusive Development?

At the end of a mind-bending 3 day conference on the findings of Manchester University’s ESID programme since 2011, I sat down with one of its masterminds, Sam Hickey and asked him to summarize it. He thinks and talks scarily fast, but stay with it – it’s great. We have summarized our findings as 3 […]

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What are the downsides for Southern Scholars of Open Access to academic journals?

Duncan Green and Maria Faciolince consult #PowerShifts authors on how to try and sort out an unintended consequence of Open Access. For several years, there has been a push to make academic journals Open Access for readers, and Duncan’s been a big supporter. OA is a good thing in terms of allowing readers, North and […]

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2 Malawian school students who addressed the London Climate March, on the Crisis in Malawi

At the climate strike march in London on Friday I heard two Malawian high school students describing the critical situation back in their country. Later on I bumped into them at the Oxfam office (turns out we had invited them) and they kindly agreed to speak for a few minutes, even though they looked pretty […]

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Audio Round Up (8m) of FP2P posts, week beginning 16th September

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No Pain, No Gain in strategic planning: An open letter to my organization in 2040

Warren Krafchik, Executive Director of the International Budget Partnership got in touch to say he’d like to chip in on the discussion on strategic planning, kicked off recently by Mark Goldring. So, you’re thinking of embarking on a strategic planning process. A little over 20 years ago, I had this same thought and took IBP […]

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Naomi Hossain on The Politics of Education in Developing Countries: From Schooling to Learning

I recently caught up with the brilliant Naomi Hossain to discuss her latest book, edited with Sam Hickey, on educational reform in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, and Uganda . Open Access version available here. Do listen to the full 25m chat, but here’s some transcribed highlights for the time-starved. We wanted to look […]

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How can we think about climate change financing within a climate of inequality?

Starting this Friday, young people, their parents and entire communities around the world are mobilising in a special week of action to call for climate justice, 20-27 September. In this post, Harpreet Kaur Paul argues that just as the impacts of climate breakdown are not the same for everyone, neither is the responsibility for financing […]

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Post-Apocalyptic bookshops and other Links I Liked

Ah yes, balance HT @johnb78 World Population Growth. Brilliant, comprehensive, chart-tastic and interactive summary of everything you could want to know (and then some) about national/global demographics In Africa, ‘ the microcredit industry is not a driver of development and poverty reduction, but quite the opposite: it is an “anti-developmental”. Milford Bateman doing what he […]

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Audio summary of FP2P posts, week beginning 9th September

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