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Audio round-up (7m) of this week’s FP2P posts

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How to vlog – top examples and advice from some very tech savvy students

Final instalment from my amazing LSE students. Wednesday and Thursday’s posts ran some of their blogs, which were part of their assignment to write an influencing strategy on a topic of their choice. But I gave them the option of doing a video blog (vlog) instead, and several of them grabbed it, with some impressive […]

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“Seaing” a Sustainable Future in the Caribbean

Next up in these highlights from this year’s LSE activism students is this post by Jacinta Gomez on her campaign proposal for saving Belize’s beleaguered fisheries The “Glory Days”. That’s what you’ll hear from fishermen today reminiscing on a time when the abundance of Belize’s Caribbean Sea gave the impression that its limits were non-existent and […]

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‘This Shit is Killing Me’: Dalit rights and Mumbai’s sewers

I thought I’d enliven the summer by posting some of the top blog posts from this year’s students in my LSE class on ‘Advocacy, Campaigning and Grassroots activism‘. Their individual assignment was to design a campaign strategy for a cause close to their hearts, and write a blog about it. First up, Monica Moses on […]

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How to Analyse stories of Change: could you help sharpen up these guidelines?

This week, I’ll be highlighting some of the great work on activism and change from my LSE students. First up, could you comment on this draft paper please? Explanation below: Case studies are a crucial means of understanding how the world changes and informing our work as activists. Simplistic case studies reduce complex realities to […]

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Where’s United Kingston? And other Links I Liked

Did anyone notice the UK got a new Prime Minister last week? What’s Boris Johnson saying on aid and development, eg will he bring an end to DfID? And Ivanka Trump nails that warm, special relationship feeling. The LSE’s International Inequalities Institute is on a roll. First up bringing in Branko Milanovic as Centennial Professor […]

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Audio summary (8m) of FP2P content, week beginning 22nd July

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Some humour to lighten the gloom

Don’t know about you, but watching the daily news isn’t much fun these days (nor is the weather/climate), and this week in particular, I am sorely in need of light relief. There was even a riot at my local swimming pool yesterday. So back to the abandoned series of ‘Friday funnies’: here’s a few previous […]

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Supporting Feminist and Queer Activists Under Growing Threat Worldwide

This post first appeared on the Urgent Action Fund Africa site, under a Creative Commons License. Within women human rights activist circles, the recent rape and murder of Viktoria Marinova, journalist covering EU corruption, is all too familiar to circumstances surrounding the killing of Brazil’s Marielle Franco. And similar yet to the murder of Berta Caceres, a well-known environmental […]

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We’re 3 months into trying to change up/decolonize FP2P. How are we doing?

We recently spent some time reviewing the first 3 months of #PowerShifts, the new iteration of FP2P, aimed at transforming its messengers, messages and formats over the next two years. The project is in the hands of Maria Faciolince, a Colombian-Antillean anthropologist and activist, supported by Oxfam’s Amy Moran (if you’ve noticed an improvement in […]

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How Change Happens: the podcast

I spoke to Jo Howard from IDS about How Change Happens for their book podcast Between the Lines. Here it is: With podcasts, I always try to provide a blog-length set of excerpts for people who prefer reading to listening, but I honestly couldn’t bear to listen to myself this time. So huge thanks to […]

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Theory of Change v Action and other Links I Liked

Parliamentarians argue that the UK’s unfair visa system for African applicants isn’t fit for purpose; African lives are measured in fighting UK visa rejections (gonna just keep linking to these pieces until the UK takes action) British climate politics – this time it’s different (but the same). Good news – Matthew Lockwood is back up […]

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