India's first Dalit solar engineer; resource nationalism resurgent; results agenda; extreme weather pics; rich people bounce back; rational self interest in Somalia: links I liked

June 27, 2011 1 By admin

MDG--Barefoot-Solar-Engin-007‘Santosh Devi, a 19-year-old, semi-literate woman from the backwaters of Rajasthan has broken through India’s rigid caste system to become the country’s first Dalit solar engineer.’

‘African countries are not profiting enough from the surge in prices, while oil and mining companies make windfalls. Activists and non-governmental organisation are demanding better terms. Officials largely agree.’ Resource nationalism is on the rise again, according to the FT. Good thing Pakistan floodstoo.

Lawrence Haddad reports on what sounds like an intelligent discussion on the results agenda.

Extreme (and extraordinary) weather photos from the Boston Globe [h/t Richard King]

The world’s richest people are already richer than before the crisis, up 10% in the last year – now that’s what I call resilience .

“Where the police, roads, and navy are maintained by rational self-interest” [h/t Texas in Africa]