Rodrik revolution; none of the above; retro KKK; gay rights in Africa; banned words; Easterly's wobble and cause and effect: links I liked

March 15, 2010 0 By admin

Dani Rodrik sees the IMF’s rethink on capital controls as the sign of a revolutionary shift on the role of finance and argues ‘With this battle won, the next worthy goal is a global financial transaction tax.’

Martin Wolf looks at the plans of Labour and the Tories and concludes that both big parties deserve to lose the upcoming election.

Time to reinforce some stereotypes. Check out this video of a KKK rally in South Georgia  [h/t David Stephen]

Contrasting accounts of gay rights (and their denial) in Africa and Asia from Foreign Policy and Chris Blattman

Anyone fancy a goldfish bowl facilitated conversation about under-capacitated improvement levers that could cross-fertilise predictors of beaconicity and offer meaningful reusable interactivity? If so, visit the British Local Government Association’s valiant attempt to defend the language of Shakespeare through its 2010 Banned Words List [h/t Richard King]

Bill Easterly has a moment of self doubt, as he realizes that quite a few readers are getting irritated by his tone (snide, know it all, that kind of thing – see here for a summary). Stand back and wait for a new, big-hug-Bill (but don’t hold your breath).

And apropos of absolutely nothing, cause and effect, turbo version [h/t David Stephen]