Aid Satire; Berlusconi's horrible year; migration in the recession; Bono does climate change (but the US media doesn't): links I liked

January 5, 2010 1 By admin

Satire wars anyone? A flurry of New Year spoofs – what does that say about the next 12 months (or the effect of Christmas with the family) I wonder?

Bill Easterly goes for the bludgeon rather than the rapier with ‘How to Write About Poor People

Owen Barder sets out the arguments we will inevitably hear against any aid proposals in 2010

Aid Thoughts retaliates with the half-baked arguments we will hear for those same aid proposals

Purely on the basis of superior wit, Aid Thoughts gets my vote……

Think you’ve had a busy/disastrous 2009? Imagine being Silvio Berlusconi…..

Grim reading from Foreign Policy’s list of most popular articles and photo essays of 2009

Foreign Policy also surveys global migration trends and finds a ‘rise of the rest’ phenomenon, with the US’ share of global remittances falling because of the recession

Bono demonstrates why he’s the intellectual daddy of pop star celebs (OK, the competition’s  not that intense) setting out his 10 big issues for the tweenies/teenies/whatever in the New York Times, and gets Alex Evans very excited by endorsing contraction and convergence

Bono may even help Alex get over his depression at the striking absence of climate change in US news coverage in 2009.

news coverage, see if you can find climate change!

news coverage, see if you can find climate change!