Science Girl; Starbucks and tax; NYC carbon; adaptation in America: videos I liked

November 30, 2012 3 By admin

Some Friday video light relief (well, light-ish) on climate change (with an eye on dismal dialogues in Doha) and tax evasion.

First the totally adorable Science Girl on climate change, clean energy + a surprise upside – wildfires melt Barbie & Ken before your very eyes

Next up, a sweet and funny Starbucks tax sting – two Welsh Activists decide it should return its 28% tax dodge to its customers. Background here

If greenhouse gases were visible, would it be easier to persuade publics and politicians to take them seriously? This smart video from New York City suggests the answer is yes. [h/t John Magrath]

Finally, climate change adaptation in America. Vicki Arroyo from the Georgetown Climate Center in a rather disturbing TED talk. Makes you wonder if some kind of climate survivalism is on the way