Should we get paid?; the eye of the beholder; Unesco loses it; Hillary gets it; 0.7 v 2.4 and London Citizen on youtube: links I liked

May 19, 2010 1 By admin

Owen Barder considers the contradictions of being (relatively well) paid to work on poverty

Malawi based aid worker Duncan McNicholl subverts the aid agency and media stereotypes by taking photos of people he meets in two different poses ‘miserable victim asking for help’ and ‘sharp geezer on the mobile’. Lovely idea. [h/t Laura Freschi]. Here’s one example – Edward Kabzela – Chagunda Village, Malawi


The Economist unleashes its satirical blast against Unesco for its bizarre decision to launch a prize for achievement in life sciences, paid for by and named after President Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea. No, you couldn’t make it up….. Non sarcastic analysis here.

Hillary Clinton gets serious about undernutrition

Just how much cash is needed from the rich world for development and climate change in poor countries? Alex Evans argues that 0.7% of GNI doesn’t cut it any more – he cites’ Jeff Sachs’ calculation that 2.4% is nearer the mark. Good luck, as they say, with that.

London Citizens on youtube, as background to my pre-election post on some inspirational community organizing in the UK