Small arms psychedelia; innovation Tourette’s; Women and Food; Post-2015; DRC; inconvenient corruption; Why Authors Fail; 4 degree world; Africans for Norway: links I liked

November 26, 2012 1 By admin

Psychedelic infographic on small arms and ammunition trade by country [h/t Chris Blattman]small arms trade infographic

Innovation Tourette’s – the latest occupational disease in the aid industry

Some Oxfam news: We’re half way through a provocative two week online debate on women and the food system and we’ve just tidied up and published our in-house research guidelines on ethics, interviewing, writing exec sums & killer facts, terms of reference, house style etc. Handy.

The political economy of post-2015. Final version of my new paper, written with Stephen Hale and Matthew Lockwood, is now out. It incorporates comments from more than 500 downloads of the draft – unpaid consultancy crowdsourcing rocks.

What to read on the DRC? Guardian has handy FAQs and a nice ‘what next after the fall of Goma’ piece by David Smith

The ODI’s Marta Foresti has some good ‘inconvenient truths’ on corruption

Excessively tetchy response by Acemoglu & Robinson to Jeff Sachs’ critical review of their book, Why Nations Fail, triggers much more civilized series of parallel discussions on twitter – Jeff Sachs like some kind of developmental chess grand master playing numerous games at once

New World Bank report says world will heat up by 4 degrees by end of century and poor will suffer most

OK, you’ve probably already seen this, but what the heck. To show the difference between hazard and vulnerability, I sometimes point out that Europe has a natural disaster every year – winter. But this lovely (and really rather gentle) spoof, takes it one step further. Big it up for Radi-aid, aka ‘Africans for Norway’. And to the Norwegian aid agency for funding it. Martin Plaut has more background [h/t Sally King and numerous others]