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Friday rant: ‘development’ is not the same as ‘aid’. Got that?

A recent headline in my RSS feed flicked my ‘Activate Rant’ button. ‘This Video from Uganda Highlights Everything Wrong with Global Development’ it shouted. I knew what the video was about – some young white American missionaries getting into trouble for ‘dressing up native’ and singing ‘get your mission on’ provoked outrage in various quarters.…

By Duncan Green November 25, 2016 9

The future of aid – what's at stake in Busan

The next couple of weeks see big international conferences on aid effectiveness (Busan) and climate change (Durban), providing a chance to take the temperature of the multilateral system. Here Gideon Rabinowitz of the UK Aid Network assesses the prospects for Busan. From 29 Nov-1 Dec over 2,000 aid policy-makers and practitioners – including over 100 Ministers,…

By admin November 24, 2011 2