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The last word in the Community Driven Development wonkwar? Scott Guggenheim responds to Howard White and Radhika Menon

The discussion on Community Driven Development (CDD) has been passionate, at times angry, and has surfaced some important common ground as well as differences. Here Scott Guggenheim (right) responds to yesterday’s post, in what he hopes is the final exchange (people can always continue in the comments section). To recap for those who are arriving new…

By Duncan Green July 12, 2018 3

Community Driven Development: Howard White and Radhika Menon respond to Scott Guggenheim

Howard White and Radhika Menon respond to Scott Guggenheim’s recent post on Community Driven Development Evaluations have two functions: lesson learning and accountability. We believe that our report on community-driven development offers useful lessons for programme managers, practitioners and researchers. Despite posting a blog response to earlier comments, a critical backlash continues. This is disappointing…

By Duncan Green July 11, 2018 2