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India’s Middle Class debate continued: should NGOs be looking in the mirror? Guest post from Bipasha Majumder

On my recent trip to India, I discovered some talented bloggers – here’s Bipasha Majumder, Oxfam India’s Communications Officer in Mumbai, writing in a purely personal capacity on the Great Middle Class Debate. She also writes a personal blog. I have had discussions and I have had heated discussions.  Sometimes I have just let the…

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Are the middle classes the new revolutionaries in India and China?

“The new middle classes rise up: Marx’s revolutionary bourgeoisie finds its voice again”. That’s the title of a nice piece in this week’s Economist trying to identify a common thread in protest movements in India (Anna Hazare), China (the recent high speed rail debacle), Brazil (a spate of corruption-driven ministerial sackings) and, more tentatively, the…

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