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Why Positive Deviance could be the answer to working in complex, messy places like Papua New Guinea

Final post on PNG trip, after overview and paean to roads and leadership. Field trips operate on several different mental levels. Superficially, you are seeing new communities and programmes, and learning about the country. But there is also a constant process of interpretation, where you compare what you are seeing with what you have been reading back…

By Duncan Green November 27, 2014 9

Who/what explains the world’s biggest developmental under-achievement? A visit to Papua New Guinea

So did you miss me? (I know, holes, heads etc) After a week on the road and away from the blog, it’s time to try and make sense of last week’s trip to Papua New Guinea (my first visit). I was there at the invitation of  the Development Leadership Program, which is funding my How Change…

By Duncan Green November 25, 2014 3