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The Politics of Results and Evidence in International Development: important new book

The results/value for money steamroller grinds on, with aid donors demanding more attention to measurement of impact. At first sight that’s a good thing – who could be against achieving results and knowing whether you’ve achieved them, right? Step forward Ros Eyben, Chris Roche, Irene Guijt and Cathy Shutt, who take a more sceptical look…

By Duncan Green August 5, 2015 3

Measuring well-being: what can international development learn from the health sector?

In this guest post, ODI’s Claire Melamed, Emma  Samman and Laura Kiku Rodriguez-Takeuchi pitch for partners for some work on developing new wellbeing metrics in development. Any takers? What do we think we’re doing when we do ‘development’?  Surely, it has to be about making lives better for people as they themselves experience them. But…

By admin June 26, 2012 7

If not results, then what? The risks of not having a results agenda

The ODI’s Claire Melamed replies to yesterday’s guest post from Ros Eyben: “Ros Eyben suggests that instead of a results agenda, we should rely on good relationships to deliver good aid.  And indeed, if all relationships were good, and all the people involved in making decisions about aid were thoroughly well-informed, open to new ideas,…

By admin March 16, 2011 20