The physics of God; China channels Keynes; the Turner Report; Dani Rodrik on the London summit and the Paul Krugman song: links I liked

March 27, 2009 0 By admin

The physics of God – what does the ‘veiled reality’ of quantum mechanics mean for religious belief?

Alex Evans sees China’s sudden assertiveness in the crisis response discussion as a sign of a possible Bretton Woods moment. Zhou Xiaochuan – the governor of China’s central bank is apparently channeling Keynes.

‘The financial sector no longer enjoys the benefit of the doubt: it may burn up the world.’ Martin Wolf gets as excited as he ever does about the Turner Report on reforming the UK financial system (and beyond)

Dani Rodrik muses on the fate of the London Summit, along with HG Wells

And finally, Paul Krugman – the song (h/t Global Dashboard).  This could provide the model for plenty of us over this side of the Atlantic. ‘Hey Polly Toynbee’ anyone?