Trains v markets; Dalai Lama jokes; feeling lucky?; farewell Gil Scott Heron: clips I liked

June 23, 2011 3 By admin

OK, it has been pretty heavy going on the blog so far this week, so how about some time out for a few videos? Let’s start vaguely on topic, and then drift towards the random (kind of describes my typical day):

This is the Maeklong market in Thailand. It answers the age old question: “Just how close can I put my vegetable market to the train tracks?” [h/t Chris Blackman]

How not to tell a joke about the Dalai Lama. To the Dalai Lama……


Feeling lucky? Watch these guys – best bit is at the end [h/t Richard Cunliffe]

And finally, one of my musical heroes died last month, Gil Scott Heron. Check out this performance of his wonderful ‘B movie’ critique of Ronald Reagan – part biting satire, part astute commentary, part proto-rap, and all cool class. Album lyrics are even better than this clip.