UK foreign policy; that volcano; First World in need; philanthrocapitalism debunked; when the Irish were black and remember Haiti? Links I liked

Foreign Policy was largely missing in action in the UK election, but how might it change under a Tory-Lib Dem government? If you’re in London on Monday 17th May, come and find out as the Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesman, Ed Davey, debates with Daily Mail commentator Peter Oborne and Oxfam’s boss, Barbara Stocking. The motion? ‘British foreign policy that protects civilians from armed conflict is good for them – and good for Britain’. Tickets and more info here.

Aid on the Edge of Chaos ponders the deeper meaning of that unpronounceable volcano.

‘Threatened by obesity, overconsumption of environmentally unsound mass-produced goods, an aging population with a low birth rate, and socially disruptive clashes between immigrants and existing populations, Western countries have failed to control their problems and desperately need outside intervention.’ The inaugural International Year of the First World in Need, c/o Aid Watch.

‘The oft-repeated mantra among philanthrocapitalists of ‘technology plus science plus the market brings results’ may produce new vaccines against malaria and HIV, but there is no vaccine against poverty and inequality, violence and alienation, corruption and poor governance.’ Mike Edwards reflects on the limits of private sector hubris in development.

When the Irish were black – shifting boundaries of race in the US, c/o Bill Easterly

Remember Haiti? Not thanks to the press – US news cycles for Katrina, the Asian tsunami and Haiti by John Sides, c/o Chris Blattman


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