Urban Vodou; climate change technology; the meaning of McChrystal; big bad (and good) pharma; blogs and Facebook and marshmallow-induced agony: links I liked

June 28, 2010 0 By admin

Urban Vodou: Politics and Popular Street Art in Haiti, a book of photographs by Pablo Butcher, published today, reveals the beauty urban vodou 2that lies behind the earthquake imagery

Political Climate provides some lessons on technological innovation to combat climate change (and they apply to development too)

McChrystal-izing a Problem: The Militarization of American Statecraft [h/t Paul O’Brien]

Access to medicine indexThe good, the bad and the ugly among big pharma transnationals, according to the Access to Medicines Index

‘The future for blogs may be special-interest publishing, with pockets of densely linked sites. These pockets form around public subjects: politics, law, economics and knowledge professions.’ The Economist ponders the impact of Facebook on the blogosphere

And apropos of absolutely nothing, marshmallow-induced agony, aka torturing children in the name of science, c/o Chris Blattman. Tee hee.