Is Sen wrong on famine?; Krugman 4 Tobin; US as failing state; weasel words; China ain't green; how Gordon can defend aid and pomo-babble: links I liked

November 30, 2009 5 By admin

‘Famines have indeed occurred in electoral democracies’ About as close to heresy as a development wonk can get. Olivier Rubin questions Amartya Sen’s famous assertion that political rights avert famines

‘A financial transactions tax is an idea whose time has come.’ Paul Krugman gives his support to the new incarnation of the Tobin Tax

‘America’s governance crisis is the worst in modern history. Moreover, it is likely to worsen in the years ahead.’ Jeff Sachs gets apocalyptic on Congress v President in the world’s biggest failing state

‘“Inappropriate” and “unacceptable” are the catchwords of a moralism that dare not speak its name. They hide all measure of righteous fury behind the mask of bureaucratic neutrality. For the sake of our own humanity, we should strike them from our vocabulary.’ Edward Skidelsky in Prospect takes aim at two words I hate.

Leo Horn argues that China’s fiscal stimulus has been anything but green

Owen Barder shows Gordon Brown how he can keep his promises on aid

And finally, ‘The characteristic theme of Sargeant’s[1] essay on the neoconstructivist paradigm of narrative is not, in fact, narrative, but subnarrative’. Let the proudly meaningless prose of the Post-Modernist Generator mess with your mind. Every click brings a new, equally random bit of Pomo-babble  [h/t Martin Walsh]