Who's publishing what they give? Complexity, development and the euro crisis; companies v governments; China and Zambia; the Queen v earth summit; climate finance; denial tango: Links I liked

Which donors and NGOs are planning to publish their aid data and how far have they got? Handy graphic (and yes I’m only putting it up aid transparencycos Oxfam does well – always a pleasant surprise…..)

What does the new atlas of economic complexity tell us about development? Potentially a huge amount – I think this is probably v important, but while I’m trying to digest it, have a look at Ben Ramalingam’s post. And while we’re on complexity, what does managing forest fires and other ecosystems tell us about how to solve the Euro crisis?

Investor-State Dispute Mechanisms sound dull, but could be offering large firms (including Philip Morris, Enron Creditors, Total, Mobil, Shell, Dow Chemical, Chevron, Siemens and Cargill) and lawyers a lucrative way to sue governments who have signed up to dozens of bilateral investment treaties without reading the small print.

Are Chinese-owned mines in Zambia better or worse than non Chinese-owned ones?

The case for a global ‘social protection floor’ and why that’s not the same thing as old-school safety nets

Climate change miscellany: ‘Rio Earth Summit postponed after clash with Queen’s diamond jubilee’. And no, this is not from The Onion, and April Fool’s Day is a long way off. Priorities, priorities.

Where have we got to on the rich countries’ promises in the Copenhagen summit of 2009 of an extra $100bn a year in climate finance? The Economist tries to make sense of the numbers.

‘Men with Day Jobs’ perform ‘Denial Tango’. Maybe the IPCC should change its comms strategy? [h/t John Magrath]

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