Why Dambisa Moyo is Dead Wrong; John Wyndham on climate change; where has all the money gone? Bank bailouts for beginners and some Windows music: links I liked

March 6, 2009 0 By admin

The Guardian’s Madeleine Bunting has the guts to tell Dambisa Moyo that she is wrong on aid. Dead Wrong, in fact. Respect.

Global Dashboard delves into the early literature of climate change and finds John ‘Kraken Wakes’ Wyndham got there first.

Where’s all the money gone? The Economist shows where all the offshore finance is held – Switzerland comes first ($29trn); Britain comes second ($20trn) |

Martin Wolf provides a magisterial overview of what on earth is going on with the US bank bailout

And a youtube for the weekend: the stuff of nightmares – a music track using only sounds from Windows 98 and XP