World Bank and dirty coal; rain makes you taller; IMF v Brazil on capital controls; Oxfam in Copenhagen; climate rows in graphics and the onward march of US unemployment: links I liked

December 14, 2009 2 By admin

How can the World Bank bid for becoming the big climate change financing agency when it continues to subsidise dirty coal?

Update: a vehement response to the article from the World Bank

The amount of rain that fell during your first year of life affects subsequent educational achievement, health, height and wealth [h/t Keith Johnston]

When will the IMF get rid of its ideological blinkers on regulating capital? Kevin Gallagher discusses why the Fund should be less grudging on Brazil’s use of capital controls.

I won’t be at the climate summit (Oxfam capping numbers and all that), but if you want to see what we’re up to go here

The Information is Beautiful website pulls together (and turns into graphics) the Climate Deniers vs Climate Consensus debates [h/t Richard King]

And finally, watch the crushing advance of the US recession, from the coasts inwards [h/t Eddy Lambert]