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Jumiati and her community now achieve food resilience

“Many people asked me what I was doing, and I told them that if we wanted change we had to start from ourselves,” says Jumiati.

When Jumiati, 34, began to plant mangrove seedlings in her coastal village of Sei Ngalawan in North Sumatra, she did not envision that it would change the life of the community, helping local fishermen and providing extra income for their families.

Mrs. Jumiati - Photo by Irwan Firdaus - Oxfam

Like other farmers in the areas, her husband had to sail far out to the sea to find decent catch because the coral reefs surrounding their areas no longer support a rich marine life, one of the most noticeable impacts of rising temperatures caused by climate change.

Together with her husband, she began to cultivate mangrove trees, using fruits they could find, a move that other villagers found strange. She also set up Muara Tanjung in 2005, first as a cooperative that provide food staples and loans to fishermen’s wives in the community.

The margins made in the fish trade are deposited and split to all its members every year. Jumiati is proud of the fact that her community can now achieve food resilience.

Photo: Irwan Firdaus/Oxfam

The story has been published at Oxfamstories.org: http://oxfamstories.org/story/female-food-heroes-of-indonesia-jumiatis-story/

also her story published on: https://www.facebook.com/notes/oxfam-in-indonesia/the-woman-who-planted-a-village/10153216363882132


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