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Petta Puang Troupe celebrates International Women's Day


Local based Tribun Timur newspaper covered the story of Petta Puang Troupe performance as part of International Women's Day 100th years' celebration held by Oxfam and its partners in Indonesia's South Sulawesi Provincial Capital of Makassar (March 8, 2011)

“Oxfam Director Admires Petta Puang Troupe”

Oxfam Country’s Director Grace Ommer was seen having good laughs while watching the performance of Petta Puang theatrical troupe at Karebosi Football Field in Makassar on Tuesday (8/3) night.

In fact, she said that the performance of Petta Puang amazed her although Ommer admitted that she could not understand the dialogue properly.

“I can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently, but the performance of Petta Puang Theater was excellent. I can see reaction from the audience who suddenly bursted into laughter or applauded the performance of Petta Puang. I also observed that their performance was very funny indeed,” Ommer answered to journalists’ questions after the performance of Petta Puang.

Petta Puang troupe participated in the Celebration of 100th years of International Women’s Day that was held by Oxfam. Groups of women from coastal areas also attended the event.

Petta Puang featured the story of the life of a fisher folk family. When the fishermen are on the sea to catch fish, their wives are also working to get more earnings for their families. Petta Puang scripted their show in local language very well that has successfully made the audience into nonstop laughter.

Ommer said that the message intended to be delivered by the performance to women’s group was easy to understand because they are wrapped in funny stories. 

According to Ommer, Oxfam has contracted the group for a tour in several coastal villages in four districts of South Sulawesi Province. They will perform the same theme during the tour. (tb) 

This article was translated from Bahasa Indonesia taken from paper edition Lifestyle page; Tribun Timur Newspaper based in Makassar (tribune-timur.com)

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